Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy as a Bee

New Punch Needle available on The Primitive Gathering

I just finished knitting my lace shawl , was working on the beading and casting off and what do you know my worse nightmare realized! I ran out of wool. I guess my style is looser than I thought. What to do..Should I just continue and hope that last foot would do it or should i undo all the beading (all 200) and redo the last 4 rows (each row being about 600 stitches) a daunting task to say the least. Then I thought of the recent hand dyed hunks of wool I have been purchasing - maybe there is something in there that is close to the colour. Madly sorting through those richly dyed yarns at 1:00 in the morning is not how I would normally like to spend my evening hours.

Usually I am asleep at this time - but this was a problem I was determined to solve or there would be no sleep for this gal. Aha! something that might work... undid a few stitches ...and combined the two wools and no one would know the difference - well except for me and I can live with that. It was a peaceful sleep I enjoyed! So my first lace shawl done and now to block it . Not my favourite part of knitting but very necessary in order to make it look perfect!

Pattern of new Shawl just finished

Gorgeous Dandelion colour

The pattern is called Waves in the Square by Silvia Harding and the colour Dandelion - wool by Fleece Artist out of Nova Scotia. I just love their wool! This is their mini Handmaiden product line.

Now on to some new projects. I have about 5 lined up along with some knitted beaded bracelets and some new punch needle designs that have to be made. I need 2 of me!

Multi Coloured shawl

Autumn shawl - but I will be using Autumn Colours - my favourite colour way!

Some of the knitted projects calling to me.....using jojoland yarns which has amazing melding of colorways...
I just listed a new punch needle design on The Primitive Gathering.

Pomegranate Tree of Life
I loved doing this one and decided it needed to be practical. I am all for something to have a use besides being wonderful to look at. Must be my new philosophy of material wants vs needs. It is that midlife purge of your unnecessary entanglement with material items in your life. The question I ask myself - Have I used it? When? And will I ever?
This pincushion besides being pretty to look at is also something I would have next to me. I don't just have one pincushion - I have at least 3. I used my own hand dyed wools "Red Island Threads" to do this one. I even added some beads to this one.

I am just finishing a great book titled "The Friday Night Knitting Club". I have had it for awhile but with my growing interest in knitting (well I did knit years ago - sweaters and all) thought this book would be just the inspiration. I am really enjoying it. While linking this title to Amazon - lo and behold Dan Brown is coming out with a new book "The Lost Symbol" continuing from "Angels and Demons" - finally is all I can say. It's been awhile since I read a new one from him!

Well I must be off. Saturday mornings are my day for visiting family and doing the dreaded grocery shopping. A beautiful, sunny warm day to enjoy.

Have a great day....Joni

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