Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Basket New on the Frame

Have to show you this wonderful basket that I purchased from Kay Kjeldgaard, which I use for current hooking projects. I just love it. She is a real master at basket weaving and thinks of all the little touches. Well worth the price.

The little clay snippet holder I got at Camp Wool in Maine. They have changed location and their store is a treasure trove... a wool lover's delight! If in the area of Kennebunk, do drop by. You will not be disappointed. I could have spent hours there. 

On my frame is a pattern by Deanne Fitzpatrick... poppies, which I love. I needed something quick and easy to hook while I was mulling a design in my head and on paper. I like doing other people's designs. It contributes to their livelihood of making these wonderful patterns and sometimes you just need something where you don't have to think about it being your design but just an exercise in colour.. I call it playing with colours like when you got a new pack of crayons when you were a kid...

I have been coming to terms with my wool stash..I am a collector of darks and mediums. I am woefully lacking in brights and pales. So my goal is to start gathering, dyeing this colour palette. What I love to hook is changing or rather what I am designing is changing and it calls for a broader spectrum of hues. I am trying to jump out of my comfortable box and start exploring more colours...

Just another little item I picked up at Dorr Mills. I could not resist! It sort of found its way into my basket along with my wools....Beautiful Sheep  - Postcard book of all kinds of sheep by Ivy Press. I think if you are going to use a product you should know more about it. So I am reading up on wool - what with my rug hooking, knitting, dyeing and would make sense. 

Isn't this guy wonderful...look at the coat!


Gayle said...

Oh my Joni - I love that new basket with all the compartments for organizing - great find! And the snippets bowl is so cute - beautiful new wools too!

Linda said...

Your basket is beautiful and looks so useful. I've heard of her baskets but not seen them in person. I saw the Beautiful Sheep book in a gift shop when I was in France recently and wrote down the title & author to purchase when I returned home. There was also Beautiful Cows and Beautiful Pigs! I didn't see the postcard book. On my trip I met a lady who also lives on an island in the St. Lawrence above New York. I had not heard of this area and then noticed today that you live on an island there in the Canada region. I must put this area on my list to visit if I am so lucky!

moosecraft said...

Looks like a very sturdy and well made basket! You'll get lots of use of it! What's on your frame is looking grand!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your basket is so very functional !
What a great find.
The postcard book looks like so much fun.
I adore the bowl with the sheep "separater" - how nifty - I think I need something like that !