Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spinning with a Spindle

Yesterday - Sis and I had a 3 hour lesson spinning with a spindle. We had a blast! Lots of laughs and a lot of fun. A lovely lady by the name of Colette took us on and gave us a private workshop for 3 hours. I sure learnt a lot and I think this is something I may love. Another extension of my passion for wool. 

We started off with some Tasmanian Corriedale (undyed) that I bought on Etsy as a starter spinning kit. I found out right away that my spindle was for light spinning (lace and fine fingering). So used one of the student spindles and my first attempt resulted in some nice lumpy bumpy wool (which I love) that I two plied. At least now I understand the terms and how yarn is made! I will probably dye the rest of the corriedale and use it for some other project. Maybe ply it with some novelty yarn or fleece to add to my rug hooking.

So this morning I was so anxious to practice my new found talent (HAHAHA) that I decided to use my spindle and spin some tussah green silk I had bought.  Practice! Practice! that is the only way. So it is a little bumpy lumpy but that is ok ' cause I like it like that. I immediately saw the difference in spinning lace weight as it can get real thin and lots of spin is needed.

It will eventually be 3 plied with another silk and a merino/ silk blend, once I get the right spindle for a worsted weight. Hopefully it will be nice enough to knit into a first spun and knit project. I love new adventures! Maybe I will have a wonderful spinning wheel to call my own next year - better save my toonies! Have a great afternoon....Joni

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