Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Rugs to Hook

Oh boy, new patterns from Sharon Smith. I just love her style and wish I could hook them all but I must pick and choose. This lion is going to be one of them.. called Cat's Paws 25" x 40" (retail $68.00). I love the red, and the circles and the coloured mane..definitely on my To Do Bucket List.. maybe after Sweet Dreams which I am working on right now. I need to hook faster! Then I have Kathy's patterns from Briarwood Folk Art that I will be carrying and wanting to hook too. Especially eager to be on my frame is her Magdalena Menagerie. Those patterns will be available on site the end of May when I get back from my annual trip to Maine.

Here is another one called "The Readers" I love the puppy dog sitting beside the little boy. I think the book is great! This one would be so nice paired up with "Ride Em"... This pattern is 24" x 28" ($54.00 retail). All Sharon's new patterns are in transit so you can look for them on my website towards the end of next week.

Lastly, this wonky village nestles in the mountains. There is lots of movement and colour in this rug. This one is aptly named "Mountain Village" and is 27" x 30" ($63.00 retail).

There are so many great designs coming from some really gifted rug hooking artists and although I love to do my own designs I do enjoy hooking some one else's too. Gives my brain a vacation while I just plan colour and someone else has already done the ground work. 

Have a great evening... nite...Joni


Mugwump Woolies said...

Wonderful much beautiful color!

Susan said...

All beautiful rugs & so exciting about the new puppy xoxo Susan