Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why do Cats?

c. Joni Black 2011

This is a new project I have on my board - I selected some beautiful spring colours - robin egg blue - a soft green and some posey pinks. Thought I would lay them out in a semicircle and there will be a hooked piece that will get set in the middle. Have to get this finished so that it is available in Pfatt Marketplace for the 10th.  

I just sort of got inspired and the ideas flowed and the fingers flew and I am happy with this look. I have been wanting to do some wool applique for awhile. I just love black as a background! The colours just seem to pop. I started glueing the pieces down but the glue did not seem to want to hold it well - so I went to my tried and true method of basting everything down. I know it takes longer but I am constantly starting and stopping and putting down that I like the security of the basting. I do not use any interfacing - I like the softness and flexabilty of the fabric. But some people do like to use it and that is ok. Whatever works for you!

I decided to use a whipstitch to secure the pieces to the background. I love the look of this stitch - just seems to add to the primitive look I want. The thread I am using is the new Valdani Twisted Tweed #12 Perle Cotton. It is wonderful to work with and I have also used it in my punch needle pieces.

Curious Kitty
 So you ask "Why Do Cats?"....
well what happens when you put down something new on a table? I thought I heard Mr. Mischief jump down from around my work area. What do you know - put something new down and it is inevitable that they will find it - no matter what. Our Noogs is a very curious and nosey little bugger. Tonight I have to remember to cover it... hence the cat hair in the picture.


moosecraft said...

What a beauty that Noogs is! So soft looking! The applique is looking great! I've tried a couple of different methods to prep the applique pieces... it seems either the basting or pins is the way to go for me too!

Courtney said...

I love your applique. I like to baste too. I can't wait to see it finished.