Thursday, April 7, 2011

Organizing the clutter - YES I will

I read the other day that storing your hand dyed threads in plastic bags could result in the dyes having a reaction to the plastic. I don't know the complete details on this but maybe someone out there can enlighten us by leaving a comment.

Anyway it was a good excuse to buy some pretty boxes at Michaels. They are having a sale and I am always a sucker for a sale. Besides I am on an "organizing my workspace" trip so any box will be put to good use. The clutter in the two rooms I have devoted to my crafts is driving me crazy. When I was working a 9-5 job I never had the time. I just wore blinkers because I couldn't see my way clear of getting rid of the clutter. Now that I am home - I am attacking the rooms with a vengeance. - well the plans are in place and just need to be executed LOL. First step to decluttering - what do you need to keep. Ohhh that will be hard. That's why I have my sister coming this weekend to rein me in and justify what I need to keep. I figure a well organized studio will lend itself to my devoting more time to creating. Right now I spend more time looking for things ughhhhh.

So my trip to Ottawa today was to locate the "Solutions" store. I fell in love with it when I walked in. Even though I had to drive 1-1/2 hours to get there - it was worth every minute. I can see that this store will be visited often in my pursuit of the organized workspace! Lots of goodies.

You can also find great stuff at Ikea. Found some wonderful cloth bins - my colour of choice was pink. They make great storage bins and I love the idea that they fold flat. You make them into a box by zipping the bottom. I also found some black vinyl ones that are the height of a letter tray and I use them to store projects in progress. Just use your imagination and you can find all kinds of items that lend themselves to organizing your craft essentials. Now I am looking to find something to organize my stacks of ribbon rolls. Any suggestions out there??

On a side note - what the heck happened on American Idol tonight.. one of the best singers, Pia is gone. what gives with that!


Kim said...

Organizing my craft supplies is a joke in my house. I still have the blinders on. I like the boxes from Michaels. I'll have to look into that.
I missed American Idol - Pia is gone? She was my favorite.

BayColonyDesigns said...

I have to share what I did when I "organized" my studio.

I went through everything in my studio and made bags of crafts supplies that I thought would be good for someone else. I decided to take them to the thrift store. Loaded them into my truck and carried them around for three months. I then took them out and they are safely back in my studio! lol ~Judy =^..^=

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

judy - that is too funny.. sounds like something I would do LOL