Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cat & Dog

Today I took up my hook again - it's been awhile. Sorted the wool again - cut some more strips and started pulling wool strips. It is so relaxing!
Here is a work in progress.. A design by Warren Kimble, which I love. There are lots of different shades in this one and there will be some eye-popping colour in the braided rug. I have decided that in order to move on to other rug hooking adventures I need to finish what I have in the basket. The intention is there and whether I follow through - we'll see. There are wools that are calling my name that may just have to be worked into another project that can't wait its turn.
So I have my prim cat I am working on and my pup by my feet making sure that he is included in all I do. LOL

 A new item up for sale on Pfatt Marketplace tomorrow - June 10th.
This is a design by Stacy Nash which I love. You can find some of her patterns on my website. This one is an exclusive design. Love those teeny tiny stitches!

Off to do some more hooking :) g'nite..Joni

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pr said...

Pretty Nice.. I like the Cat design! it's very adorable and cute.. you make me speechless with your works..

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